Monday, December 15, 2008

Tragically Male?

What is with you guys? Seriously.

Why is it that when you get sick the entire world ends but if your woman gets sick it's all "Hey Babe, I know you are kinda sick but I have to go, I'll see you in a week. Oh, by the way, the kids need your undivided attention for the 16 hours a day they are awake and totally be ready to rock my world when I get home." So if you are sick I guess it's okay that the world is ending right? It's like the coming of the next apocalypse, it's when I wish you still lived with your mother because she would love shit like this. You know, just to rub it in a bit more that she knows way more than we do and only she knows how to make you feel better. Or something like that.

Okay, maybe that was a harsh stereotype for all men but it was right on for the one I live with.

Yesterday was a pretty easy going day around Casa de la Seriously. The kids stayed in their pj's all day. We skipped church, ate in the living room and layed around like broccoli all morning. I snuck out during football / nap time and walked to the town that time forgot's movie theater and watched Twilight. Yes, I have been sucked in by Edward. No, I am not a freak. But dayum Edward just has it. Oh so dark and tortured. Oh so dreamy. Not a huge fan of the movie but I have wasted $5.00 on worse things. Walked home and landed right back into vegetable mode. After the kids went to sleep last night, Russ built a fire and out of the miserable choices for available movies on Charter Pay Per View, we rock-paper-scissored our way to Jumper. I roasted some shrimp and we sat down for a little movie snack. The movie was okay but I still had a bit of a Robert Pattinson fever going on so I didn't pay much attention to it.

Went to bed and about an hour later I hear what I think the local farmer's newest heifer giving birth to twins. Cripes I had two children without pain meds and never sounded as miserable as Russ did. I am guessing he had some bad shrimp (although they were perfectly cooked and I ate the same shrimp and have been totally fine) and those pesky little buggers have kept him glued to the sewer pipes all day. Heh Heh Heh.

Yeah, I know he is sick and yep, I know it probably sucks but is it really necessary to moan like a dying moose while walking around with a blanket draped over your shoulders. Please.


for a different kind of girl said...

OMG, this was my house last week, minus the Twilight and the shrimp, but still...

The moaning and the groaning and then the waking me up from the first restful night of sleep I was getting in days to ask me what the doctor's telephone number was because he was FINALLY going to get an appointment. Because I would know off the top of my sleep-hazed head.

Yeah. Good times. This is either where I pray not to get sick, or pray harder to get sick simply for the paybacks!

DeeMarie said...

You totally worked at Pretty Woman reference in!! At least you were trying to, right????
Hope he's feeling better... but I did laugh reading that he's glued to the sewer pipes!
Haven't seen Twilight yet, but I devoured (HA) the first two books!

Joe said...

Ok, firstly... I feel horrible. I somehow forgot to add your blog when I switch readers to Google Reader. I'm over here thinking you haven't been blogging... Oops. Looks like I've got some catching up to do.

Secondly... The way you describe your hubby is EXACTLY how I act when I'm sick. I hate to admit it, but it's true. I even tell Wife that I know I'm being a baby, but can't help it.

Sammanthia said...

Edward is beautiful, isn't he? I can't decide if I like the movie because of the movie itself or if I just like watching Edward.

Father Muskrat said...

I will freely admit being a wuss when sick.

Kia (Good Enough Mama) said...

I SO hear you on this. My hubs has been sick for what feels like 6 months now but is probably more like 2 weeks. He's the biggest baby EVAH! I'm plotting his murder.