Sunday, March 22, 2009

Snips And Snails And Puppy Dog Tails...

Happy Birthday to my Biggest Boy!!!

Today you turned four years old. It's hard for me to look at you and not see the wrinkly little man that just opened his beautiful blue eyes for the first time. If I turn my head I catch glimpses of the boy you are becoming, the one who will be a young man before I blink again.

But for now, you are still my little biggest one. I love you bud.

This morning you snuck into our bedroom, flipped on the light and asked your daddy and I "Do I look like I grew four years bigger?" We got dressed for church, had your special oatmeal for breakfast. You couldn't wait to get downstairs and play in the basement at our church but you wanted to make sure mom or dad was there with you and your sister. In the future I hope you realize that this kind of defeats the purpose of childcare at church! After church we did our usual back roads drive home and stopped at "the pizza store" for lunch. After eating exactly two bites of pizza you managed to con daddy out of several five dollar bills for the arcade games. Speaking of cons, just last week I found out that you told Grandma you needed "fifty bucks" to buy stuff. I have yet to find that fifty bucks and it never made it to your piggy bank. We'll have to talk about that later.

After getting home and putting your little sister down for a nap you and daddy went swimming at "the old lady pool." Your affectionate nickname for our local pool was born from the only people who use the pool on a regular basis. Kid, you crack me up. The things that make it from your mind to your mouth is enough to get you your own Last Preschooler Comic Standing.

After swimming we met some friends at the yellow park and then headed to the ice cream store. Today was a simple but great day.

You continue to amaze me with your logic, sense of humor and devilishness. You are mature beyond your years. Where does the wisdom come from? You should be hiding in forts made from the couch cushions but instead you try and engineer the next skyscraper out of Tupperware. If it can be built, you build it. If it can be fixed, you try and fix it. My wish for you is to just slow down and enjoy being a little boy.

You are such a special soul, my baby boy. You are truly a special gift that I was blessed with helping to mold into the person you are destined to be. I promise to do everything I can to help guide you. You were put on this earth to fly baby. Your daddy and I were just the lucky ones who were picked to share your journey.

I love you my biggest boy. Thanks for the best four years of my life.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sugar And Spice And Everything Nice...

To My Baby Girl,

Today we celebrated your second birthday!!

Last night I snuck out while you, your brother and daddy were sleeping to pick up a few surprises from Target. I hit Starbucks on the way home and for what it's worth to you in the future, a double shot latte at 10:30pm is never a good idea! So when you ran into bed this morning and yelled "BIRFDAAAY CAKE!!!" I was still trying to decide whether I was still dreaming about Edward Cullen (we'll talk about that when you are a little older) or if it was really time to get up. Umm yeah, you were ready to party and was not going to take no for an answer so we started our day, Your Birthday!!

Daddy made waffles this morning. Peagut (peanut) budder and syoup (syrup) are your favorite toppings. Orange juice and a bitamen (vitamin) and you were off playing. After I cleaned the kitchen and daddy picked up the living room it was present time! A few My Little Pony's, a Dora backpack and some new Dora underwear and TV/DVD player for your room from Grandma and Papa is just some of you loot for the day. Not bad for being two!

After nap time, Papa came over for dinner. We haven't seen him since Christmas so it was perfect timing that his meeting was in a town close to our house. Your Papa loves you more than you could ever imagine (we all do, but he has a special place in his heart for little blond haired girls who adore him.) We had a great dinner, finally had some BIRFDAY CAAAAKE and played outside. Papa left and all you could say over and over again was "Oh Noooo. Papa gotta go. Oh Nooooo." It was very sweet.

Bath time and bedtime were pretty easy. You were very tired and fell asleep like an angel in about 3.4 minutes!

Lila, I love you more today that I did yesterday. You continue to be this little light from heaven that has been given to your daddy and I. The innocence and wonder that I see in your eyes everyday just takes my breath away. I look at you sleeping and wonder how I was so lucky to be given a daughter to love. Our world is brighter everyday because you are in it.

I promise you I will try and be the mother you and your brother deserve. I love your brother for making me a mother but you my girl, you made me a better mother. You and I are cut from the same mold. We have the same facial expressions, body type and personality characteristics. It sometimes scares me to look at you getting bigger because I see so much of myself in you. There will be times in the future that you and I will probably be at odds about situations but if there is one thing that I want you to know it's that I will always love you, no matter what. Always and forever.

Happy Birthday Beautiful Girl.

Tomorrow we celebrate your brother's fourth birthday!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Oh, hey! Hi! Umm, how are you? Me? Well...

It's alive! Yes, this blog is alive and breathing, can you believe it? Nothing like a month's hiatus to make a girl feel a bit guilty about not updating you on my oh so very glamorous life.

Let's see.

In the last month I have done the following:

Shopped online and spent money I shouldn't be spending but whatever. There are some freakin' great deals to be had.


Attempted to do some laundry.

Gave up and went to Target for more underwear for the fam.

Cooked a few dinners and then when my kids refused to eat, I ordered pizza.

Rock Star, ain't I?

I hate the word ain't by the way but just use it for effect. Did it work?

Uh, yeah that's about it.

So get used to seeing my pretty face around the internet again. I am back babeeeeee.

Missed you all! I'll be making my way around for some comment love.