Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My not so secret affair.

I'm in a new relationship.

One that I no longer need to lust for on a daily basis.

One that doesn't force me to lurk around just to sneak a peak at him.

There are no more late night website visits, no more pretending.

No more hiding.

No more wondering what it would be like just to be with him.

Have you met my lover?

No, not this guy.

Although I love this guy, a girl must admit that there is room in her heart for another.

Not this guy either.

But if given the opportunity...

Umm, okay back on track. Sorry for the distraction.

And not even this guy...

Except if he wanted to meet me for a cocktail so we could talk about fabulous things, I'd totally be into that. Me and Tim. BFF's forever.

Once again, back on track...

Ladies, prepare to be insanely jealous.

If I have one piece of advice for you, it's that you should get one of your own. Seriously.

My new love. My one and only. My everything.

Meet Wyeth from the amazing and oh so uber cool Hayden - Harnett in Brooklyn, NYC.

Isn't he dreamy?


Alabaster Mom said...

I think you need an intervention. We can all sit around in a circle and say things like, "Brenda, your addiction has affected me negatively in the following ways . . . "

Joe said...

I have never understood the love affair that women have with purses... That'd be like me freaking out about a wallet.

Rock and Roll Mama said...

OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH I feel ya, dawg!!! I got the baby brother the other day, the Hobo- but you Knnnnnoww how I feel about that one. We are seriously making a pilgrimage to Nolita together at Blogher next year- we should start lobbying NOW for them to have a sample sale that week!!!!!
xoxo, L

Susan said...

I'm right there with you! I am going to have this same thing happen when the Trophy Satchel comes out next month. I am literally salivating, and can't tell my husband about it, so yes, it's like an affair. An affair with a beautiful, leather handbag of my dreams!

Hope you and Wyeth are happy together for years to come, in secret and in public.

OhCaptain said...

Yikes. I've had the same wallet for 5 years. It's black and leather and it makes my butt hurt if I sit on it too long.

Yikes. (Won't be sharing this post with my mrs...we have a closet full of purses...)

LiteralDan said...

I think even after getting dumped out at an airport and having a TSA attendant shovel everything right back in, the purse would be less of a mess than the vampire. What's up with that?

And OhCaptain, I highly recommend you switch to one of your front pocket, for the sake of your butt, your back, and you likelihood to get pickpocketed. Joiiiiiiin ussssssss!