Sunday, June 29, 2008

Today's funny things...

From the bigger of the little L's -
"Mommy, are you married?"
My reply -
"Yes baby, I am married to Daddy."
Little bigger L's reply-
"Oh, I guess I can still love you."

From Seriously Daddy-
"I think my Poison Ivy is back."
My reply-
"When is the last time you have had Poison Ivy"
Seriously Daddy-
"I got it working at camp."
Note to readers - Seriously Daddy and I met at camp in 1992. He hasn't worked at camp since 1992.
My reply-
"I'll give you some anti - itch cream for your phantom Poison Ivy outbreak."

Can I just?

Can I just say how much I adore Keen kids shoes? I have my eye on these for the little-er L...

and these for the bigger of the little L's.

Sooo cute for summer sneakers! Love, love, love them. Is selling $100.00 bucks worth of baby stuff on Craigslist worth it? Ummm... yep, totally.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Funny things...

In my new effort to start documenting the funny things L&L do an a daily basis I am going start a daily log of the funny comments. Today's are...

"Mama, I am soooo schirsty (thirsty) for popcorn."

"Mom, I can't tell you thank you because I am too shy..."

Even though many times today I wanted to run out of the house screaming for Calgon to take me away, L&L continue to melt my heart every minute of every day.

It's raining it's pouring, let's play baseball!

What does every three year old want to do when it is raining outside? Play baseball of course! Seriously Daddy has high hopes that his spawn will be a highly paid left hander for the Brewers.

The little-er L just had fun playing in the mud and swinging in the rain.

Even Ernie and Frankie got into playing in the rain...

Friday, June 27, 2008

Seriously scary weather...

We have had an absolute outbreak of mosquitoes in the last few days. It's been totally impossible to play outside so I have been trying to keep the kids busy with errands, haircuts and other little shopping trips. Tonight we had an early dinner and headed to the grocery store. $223.00 and 2 hours later we were home again. After a few Goldfish snacks the kids were asleep and I got a phone call from my mom in Iowa. They were hit by a tornado which destroyed the Rainbow Play System they had just bought for the kids. This thing is/was seriously huge and it's hard to believe that it is smashed into little pieces. The lawnmower was also thrown across their property. Thankfully their warehouse, house, cars and camper were untouched. I haven't told Little Big L yet because I didn't want him to be scared but man the weather this year has been unreal!

On an unrelated note, Little Big L got a haircut today. So cute! He is becoming such a little man.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Is it bedtime yet?

Can I just start by saying that I used to love to sleep and since becoming a mother I don't think I have slept through the night in 3.5 years. I miss sleeping.

Little Big L has never been a great sleeper. Since birth he wanted to nurse all night long. As a first time mom, I just went along with it and never got him used to a good sleeping schedule. The labor and delivery nurse was right when she told me "Congratulations on your first baby, he will be just for practice, your next one will be for fun." Little Big L will forever be my little guinea pig, I guess.

We are having a heck of a time trying to get Captain Chaos to go to bed on time. Trying for an 8:00pm bedtime seems like a good idea right? But like every three year old, Little Big L is using every excuse imaginable to delay it. "Mama, I am soooo hungry." "Mom I need a drink." "Mommy, I just want to lay by you because I love you..." Tonight I haven't given in yet but we are only at the 5th time returning him to his room. We'll see. SuperNanny, where are you??? Little Little-er L onother hand has always been a really good sleeper until her teeth started coming in. Even as a new born she would nurse every few hours but basically stay asleep. She was sleeping 4 hours at a time at only a few months old. Now she is up 2 or 3 times a night yelling for me and the bags under our eyes are becoming permanent. Will we ever sleep again???

Thanks to Seriously Daddy for fixing the washing machine so I can do a few more loads of laundry tonight. Ugh. Good thing I DVR'd the new season of Shear Genius!!

Life is a highway...

The L's, Seriously Daddy and I met Grandma, Papa and Auntie B at the Newton Iowa racetrack for the Iowa Corn something or other race. We camped overnight in Grandma and Papa's camper. We had fun even though my sister and I still fight like teenagers!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Shall we start from the beginning?

In my wish to document my kids lives, I have started this snazzy little blog. I guess the best place to start is the beginning, right? Wrong! I am going to start from today and as I am inspired (usually by some mindless reality show that makes me think my life isn't half bad) I'll write about meeting and marrying Seriously Daddy, L&L's beginnings, etc.

I will also add the disclaimer that I am not the best speller and really not that into details. I tend to do several hundred things at the same time, details are way to time consuming.

So here we go...

As a stay at home mom I am forced (lucky enough) to spend the entire day thinking of fun things to keep a three year old and a one year old busy while nuturing their fragile beings, keeping them on a schedule, cleaning this pit of a house and keeping myself sane enough not to jump ship! Today was one of those days that never ended. We hauled out the sidewalk chalk, water table, hose, pots and pans and pretty much everything else in reach. It still wasn't good enough. I cheated and put the kids in the car and wasted 2 hours just so they would take a decent nap. Hey, I was desperate and not ashamed to admit it. We also hit the "ice cream store" for three rides on the mechanical elephant and a scoop of Blue Moon to share. Pasta and Meatballs for dinner. Baths which were not optional tonight and finally Seriously Daddy showed up and took over. Now it's on to laundry (do I need to mention that I hate laundry?) and dishes.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

It's a start

Here is where we begin. It's finally time to start documenting the funny, happy, sad, embarassing, pissy, boring and everyday events in the life of our amazing little family. So, do I start from the beginning or just today? Not sure yet. More to come when the dishes are done...