Saturday, January 31, 2009

And the winner is...

Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Moe and I used Random.Org to pick the Disney On Ice tickets! And our winner is...

True Random Number Service
Random Integer Generator
Here are your random numbers:17
Timestamp: 2009-02-01 03:05:41 UTC

Congratulations to #17! I will be contacting you shortly with the details. And thanks to everyone who entered!

See you on the ice!


Anonymous said...

Just one more reason why I'm so mad we lost power for so long. I could have won me some Disney On Ice ticket. Boo.

Sprite's Keeper said...

Disney on Ice breezed through our town a couple of months ago and I stopped short of begging John to get us tickets so Sprite could see her favorite Mousenista on ice skates. No go. I'm still a little pissed with him..