Sunday, April 26, 2009

Let's get married. Again?

In a few short weeks, Seriously Daddy and I will celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. Does that make me lucky or old? Maybe both?

Ten years have passed since my soon to be husband paced the floor of the church for the forty five minutes after our ceremony was supposed to start, thinking that I changed my mind. No, I didn't change my mind. My dad did. Changed his mind that is. Ten years ago my dad decided to offer me a substantial amount of money to not marry my soon to be husband. Ten years ago, I refused that money and insisted that my dad get into the car and get to the church. Ten years ago I refused to ride in said car with my dad and thankfully, great friends drove me to the church. My dad soon followed.

Ten years ago my soon to be husband's best friend and groomsman walked out of the church during the ceremony because he thought it would be better to vomit outside rather than on the altar.

Oh yes he did.

Ten years ago I wish I would have known about drip-less candles so the wax that dripped on our guests from the only light in the church wouldn't burn our guests. Sorry about the new suit, dad. I really didn't think the wax would be permanent.

Ten years ago all of our guests left the wedding en route to the reception. They left the newlyweds to clean up the little stone church in the woods and find a way to the reception since they took our car as well.

Ten years ago my parents decided to go home after the ceremony and show up at the reception late. Ten years ago, our reception guests ate all of the food and ten years ago my dad was really mad.

Ten years ago my mom and dad should have just realized that I was going to marry him anyway and get over it.

Don't even get me started at what the in-laws did ten years ago. That deserves a blog all of it's own. Seriously. Can someone say guest post???

Ten years has given us a little more incite, a little more wisdom, two beautiful kids and the ability to laugh at what happened ten years ago. And now that these ten years have past, Seriously Daddy and I find ourselves thinking about renewing our vows. The thing is, we are not big into the cheese of things and I don't do hokey. Is it possible to do a vow renewal without the cheese? Is a vow renewal all about the cheese? Help a girl out!

Have any of you renewed your wedding vows? Had a big party to celebrate your anniversary? Share the special moments and the horror stories. I want to know what I may be in for during these next ten years!


for a different kind of girl said...

Good heavens, woman! What a day you two had. Your ten years together is a true testament!

We'll have been married 15 years this October, which seems like a fitting time to perhaps renew vows or have a small party. Seems like so few marriages even make it to 10years that 15 years should be considered a golden anniversary!

DeeMarie said...

That was quite a day. I'd say if you could make it through that, you can make it through anything! Since I'm not married, I can't give you personal experience but I have been to 2 vow renewals. One was total cheese and the other was quite moving.

Reinvent Dad said...

We will be married 17 years this June, and I'm with you...I can't get over the idea that if we renew our wedding vows, it will feel like total cheese. I have to say that your original wedding experience is quite a story. How is your current relationship with your Dad? Did all get patched up?

Joe @ IrrationalDad said...

I'm in shock that your dad tried to pay you to NOT get married. That's nuts!

I dunno. Vow renewal sounds cheesy to me, but I've only been married 3 years. Maybe I'll sing a different tune in 7 more.

Sammanthia said...

WOW! I think you definitely should renew your vows just so you've got another story to tell. Then again, I don't think you'll EVER top the first one!
Happy anniversay!