Friday, June 27, 2008

Seriously scary weather...

We have had an absolute outbreak of mosquitoes in the last few days. It's been totally impossible to play outside so I have been trying to keep the kids busy with errands, haircuts and other little shopping trips. Tonight we had an early dinner and headed to the grocery store. $223.00 and 2 hours later we were home again. After a few Goldfish snacks the kids were asleep and I got a phone call from my mom in Iowa. They were hit by a tornado which destroyed the Rainbow Play System they had just bought for the kids. This thing is/was seriously huge and it's hard to believe that it is smashed into little pieces. The lawnmower was also thrown across their property. Thankfully their warehouse, house, cars and camper were untouched. I haven't told Little Big L yet because I didn't want him to be scared but man the weather this year has been unreal!

On an unrelated note, Little Big L got a haircut today. So cute! He is becoming such a little man.

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