Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Shall we start from the beginning?

In my wish to document my kids lives, I have started this snazzy little blog. I guess the best place to start is the beginning, right? Wrong! I am going to start from today and as I am inspired (usually by some mindless reality show that makes me think my life isn't half bad) I'll write about meeting and marrying Seriously Daddy, L&L's beginnings, etc.

I will also add the disclaimer that I am not the best speller and really not that into details. I tend to do several hundred things at the same time, details are way to time consuming.

So here we go...

As a stay at home mom I am forced (lucky enough) to spend the entire day thinking of fun things to keep a three year old and a one year old busy while nuturing their fragile beings, keeping them on a schedule, cleaning this pit of a house and keeping myself sane enough not to jump ship! Today was one of those days that never ended. We hauled out the sidewalk chalk, water table, hose, pots and pans and pretty much everything else in reach. It still wasn't good enough. I cheated and put the kids in the car and wasted 2 hours just so they would take a decent nap. Hey, I was desperate and not ashamed to admit it. We also hit the "ice cream store" for three rides on the mechanical elephant and a scoop of Blue Moon to share. Pasta and Meatballs for dinner. Baths which were not optional tonight and finally Seriously Daddy showed up and took over. Now it's on to laundry (do I need to mention that I hate laundry?) and dishes.

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