Friday, September 12, 2008

Gonna get himself connected...

Yesterday morning I was trying to get the house clean and ready for my sis to come over and watch the L's. Seriously Daddy and I had a date night planned for his 20th high school class reunion.

Yes, 20 years. I said HIS reunion. NOT mine. Not yet at least!

Anyway, as I was shoving things into closets and under the beds, you know, cleaning the house, I noticed the bigger of the little L's was out of site. In our case, OUT of site, means IN trouble. I found him downstairs on Seriously Daddy's laptop.

This is a small tidbit of our conversation...

Me - "L, what are you doing on SD's computer?"

L - "I have to email a guy."

Me - "What guy"

L- "Just a guy I know"

Me- "You know a guy and you email him?"

L- "Yeah, I need to email a guy who can buy Santa for me."

Me- "Umm, you know a guy who can buy you Santa?"

L- "Yes, mom. Geez."

Me"- "L, why do you want to buy Santa?"

L- "Because he makes all of the toys I want. If I own him, then I don't have to wait for Christmas."

Me- "Get off SD's computer. We need to talk."


Here's me being slightly concerned that my three year old knows a guy that can get him Santa. What happens when I tell him to go to bed and he decides to email that guy? Does that guy know a guy who knows a guy who can take care of business? Maybe I need to start sleeping with one eye open...

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