Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A little before and after...

Before his first day of Preschool. A little snarky, don't you think?

After his first day of Preschool. Not so snarky now. Until tomorrow.

Not one tear shed on his part. He never looked back and two hours later wondered why I was back to pick up him up already. I shed a tear. Couldn't help but stare at him for a while tonight. What makes him tick? Who is he becoming? Destined for amazing things, this boy.


Always Home and Uncool said...

Don't worry. It only gets worse ;-)

Maggie, Dammit said...


Yeah, I agree with always home and uncool, it only gets worse.

But we'll all survive.

Seriously Mama said...

It does make me feel a little bit better that he was crying when I picked him up the second day. Poor kid said that he missed me. YAY! Now I have to be the strong mommy and tell him not to miss me!