Wednesday, October 8, 2008

And the cherry goes "pop"

Hey what's up blogosphere? I'm alive and kicking sans kidlets this week! Seriously Daddy and I drove the L's to Grandma and Papa's house yesterday. Turned around and came back to the town that time forgot so Seriously Daddy can pack up for another traveling week o' meetings. You do realize what this means right??? Right??? Right????

I AM HOME ALONE THIS WEEK!!! Well not totally alone. There are two big, vicious, rabies infested killing machine canines that live here too and they will seriously bite your ass if you try and break in, you creepy stalkers, you. So just relax in your dungeon of terrors and let me revel in my alone-ness. Okay?

This is big people, big I tell ya. Doesn't that sound like a Broadway Musical line? Maybe I need a parade of performers, including clowns and a marching band (you know, because the UW Madison Band is a bunch of naughty band geeks and they totally have time to accompany me in my celebration of alone-ness.)

I have big plans for getting the house organized, deep cleaned and ready to be sold but first things, first...

I GOT TAGGED FOR MY FIRST MEME! Thanks to Wendy over at Notes From The Sleep Deprived I am now a member of the cool bloggers club. Humor me people, I am still reveling in my alone-ness. Don't ruin it for me yet. I may never be a Black Hockey Jesus or a Bloggess but a girl can dream. Is my dorkness spewing from these words yet? No? Keep on reading, you'll get there.

So before I get this pit cleaned up (priorities people, priorities) I am doing this meme. Here are the rules...

1- Link to the person who tagged you
2-Post the rules on your blog
3-Write 6 random things about yourself
4- Tag 6 more people
5-Let the taggeees know they have been tagged by your tagdness
6-Let your tagger know when you have completed your meme quest of random goodies.

Hold on kids. Here we go with my seriously random facts...

1- I am an outdoorsy, camp fire making, 10 days with just a backpack and pocket knife, sleeping under the stars kind of girl. I can lash a raft together in minutes, I can build a shelter in the woods to survive a blizzard, I can navigate white water rapids in a canoe like you have never seen and I pay hundreds of dollars every year to a fabulous stylist so my hair color and cut is perfect. I adore great handbags, shoes and I love to be a girly girl. Makeup, nails done, great clothes. I love it. But I am not prissy. Not one bit. Don't get me wrong, Seriously Daddy comes home most nights to yoga pants, birkenstocks and a hoodie but if the Sucker McSuckerton's are having a good day. My girlness comes to the surface.

2- I don't have a lot of real life close friends. I have a lot of great acquaintances and a few friends but I am not terribly close to any one but my family. I have always been like that and I totally know why.

3- I am a fiercely independent woman but I wouldn't consider myself a "I am woman hear me roar" kind of girl. I am about the least neediest person you will ever meet. I am totally fine with not talking to you for weeks and then spending a few minutes catching up from where we left off. I don't need to get all touchy feely with friends and complain about my life or frankly, hear it from them. My life is pretty damn good even without a ton of money or a brand new car or a big fancy house. I've got an amazing husband who continues to drive me nuts everyday, 2 great kids who are happy and healthy and continue to drive me nuts everyday and 2 great dogs who try to sleep on our bed every night even though for the last 6 years, they have been kicked off that same bed every night. I love alone time and am totally fine if I would never have to talk on the phone ever again. All of this makes me a crappy friend I guess. I am however, completely loyal to a fault and would drop anything to help if you needed it. I would love to have close friends as long as they don't get all weird and needy on me. I don't let drama rule my world and you shouldn't either.

4- I hate conflict and will do whatever it takes to avoid it. Take my inlaws for example. They are like nails on a chalkboard to me. But for years I just smiled and went along with it because I didn't want to rock the boat. Maybe it's because I was raised knowing that I had better have respect for my parents and others or else. My way of dealing with the inlaws? Not to see them and in turn not having to deal with them. It works until I have to see them. You see the problem in this right?

5- Even though I love to be alone, I have a gift for small talk. I can talk to anyone, anywhere and enjoy it. Just don't be a freak because freaks freak me out. Not the quirky artsy fartsy kind of freaks, just the sociopath kind of freaks.

6- I despise the town we live in. And that is putting it lightly. Never in my life have I seen more backwards thinking, tunnel vision producing, ghetto fabulous in rural Wisconsin, animal killing, bring your kids ta 'da bar wit ya, big trucks with bigger tires, wife beating, uneducated ain't gonna's, than in this little town of 4,000. I will not let my kids go to school here and happily drive the bigger of the little L's 45 miles to a phenomenal preschool until we get this house sold. My inlaws told me that I would love living here and this town had everything I would ever need. 'Nuff said.

Okay kids, it's my turn to do he tagging! And you had better not disappoint people. Seriously!

1- Kim from Kimblagh - because we share in the love of all things Tony Bourdain and Tim Gunn.

2- DaddyJoe from DaddyusDorkus - because we went both went to school for Geology and he rocked the rocks. Geologists need to stick together.

3- Down-To-Earth Mama - because she digs rocks too!

4- Lindsay from Rock and Roll Mama - I adore her, even though we haven't met in person. She is one cool chick and I hope to hang out with her someday.

5- Chag from CynialDad - I totally think he will roll his eyes at me for this because anyone who does a Twitter radio show and can spin some serious YouTube video tunes is a rock star in my book and way to cool to do a meme. Even though this is my first and all...

6- Will from Gaming With Baby - He knew about Julia Nunes before I did. Badass.

Go forth and meme, people! And have I mentioned...


Issas Crazy World said...

So you've got labs? ;) They are mean and vicious, I'm sure.

Enjoy your whole quiet house. I am a bit jealous.

Sammanthia said...

I totally get number 4... I would rather cut off my left boob than get into it with someone. Not that I haven't, but I do try to avoid it if I can. It's hard, I have what my dad calls an "Irish Temper", but sometimes it's easier to just ignore stuff. Besides, you'd be surprised at what I can do with a look.

Wendy said...

I love it! You sound just like me, except for the camping part. It's so hot here, so many bugs, I just can't do it. lol.

I love my internet friends loads more than most of the people I meet in real life. I always thought I was very singular, until I started reading great blogs like yours! Weird, huh?

Oh, and um... I enjoyed popping your cherry! lmao!

Daddy Joe said...

Thanks for the meme. Though I have to admit, I had NO clue what it was. Thank gawd for Google toolbar. ;)

Since I am in Proj Mgmt training right now, I figured I could use my training. Unfortunately, it will take me three weeks to map out my deliverables and write task items. ;)

Chag said...

I would never roll my eyes at you. I have, however, done variations of this meme twice already so I don't really have anything odd left to write about.

Ok. That's a lie. I have plenty of weird, but I prefer to let these idiosyncrasies out slowly rather than bombard everyone all at once and have them running for the hills.

jenboglass said...

For realsies? We are so alike it's not even funny. Well, sort of, funny strange. I am such a social and gabby person, but I love to be alone. When you said you would be alone this week I was thinking of all the naked cartwheels and naked reading I would be doing. I totally understand the material/money point you made. I don't need the nicest things. I just want to be comfortable. If we want to go out to dinner or to a movie, I don't want to have to worry about waiting until next month. We don't rake in the dough, but we live comfortably and really don't want for anything. Now, if you'll excuse me. I have to go shut my drapes! Oh - stalking you on my end just got so much easier. I blog rolled you!

Seriously Mama said...

issas - Labs, Boxers, you know they really are all just couch potato wannabe's. ;-) My house is open to anyone who needs a kid break!

Sammanthia- I have yet to master "the look." Maybe you can give me some pointers? My mom on the other hand can rock a look that will melt steel.

Wendy- Thought you might like that...

DaddyJoe- I know how you project managers work. I'll look for your answers next month...

Chag- You are forgiven. I'll do some snooping around your site to experience the weirdness.

Jen- Wouldn't being neighbors lead to some great blog posts and maybe a jail sentence or two? I think we could get into a good bit 'o trouble together. Thanks for the add my stalker sista.

Corina said...

Wow. Thanks for the tag! It is funny that we have alot in common. I used to teach survival camp, but I my skills aren't that good though! Lash together a raft in minutes. Wow. Impressive.

jenboglass said...

Not creepy. I'm flattered. Now, go make plans to hang around your house alone. Woo-hoo on the OzzFest. Now I'm flattered and jealous! ~Jen

Backpacking Dad said...

"uneducated ain't gonnas" is the name of my new band.