Thursday, October 16, 2008

Flashback Friday

This weeks flip of the iPod touch is courtesty of the Bigger of the Little L's. As the two of us were on our way to preschool this morning he asked if he was big enough to listen to my iPod. I cringed a little and then handed it back to him.

This is the song that was cued up when I dropped him off...

Appetite for Destruction circa 1987. Awesome. And the best thing about this song? Slash was totally screwing around when he came up with this riff. It was supposed to be a joke. Twenty one years later it's still one of the most recognizable guitar riffs out there.

Who didn't love it? Who didn't think GNR was cutting a new path in rock upon release of this album?

I'll tell you who...

Some kid who made this comment on the YouTube video

" I like tha song and the way they dress, but the singer sounds like a dying cat and he lookd like s hippy. he dances like micheal jackson. maybe its his real dad!!"

The only response I have to that? Shut up, try to learn something, help make this world a better place and go get your free Dr. Pepper, kid.

Happy Friday and dance people, dance!


steenky bee said...

FIRST! Now I have to go back and read and watch.

steenky bee said...

There's a lot of pressure over here at Seriously Mama. I mean, your comment maker "X witty observations" What if I want to be lame? Well, no one ever starts out wanting to be lame, but still.

How is it that you know that Slash story too? I think I heard it on VH1 behind the music. I don't want to spoil it for you just in case you haven't seen it, but at some point "Behind the scenes, the band was beginning to fall apart..." SPOILER ALERT Guns and Roses broke up. Sometimes as night I can hear my husband softly crying himself to sleep while he caresses his Use Your Illusion II CD case.

Thanks for the GNR flashback!

for a different kind of girl said...

Wha?! Huh?! G and R broke up?! NOOOO!!!


I love that opening riff. Totally sucks me in every dang time. I can't play them anymore, but I still own all my GnR cassettes.

Corina said...

How appropriate when you dropped off your kid.

And as I played this, my metal loving two year old ran over to listen and jump.

Thanks for taking me back......

Will said...

Middle school. No where near as good times, but at least the music was awesome.

The GnR fan in me wantes to believe that "Chinese Democracy" will be the GnR we all love and remember so foundly. But the cynic in me that has been burned by Lucas, the Transformers, and countless others is just ready for disappointment.

Bet the Dr. Pepper's won't even be the good ones.