Friday, October 3, 2008

Flashback Friday!

Today's Funkalicious Flashback Friday song...
The Spinners - Could I be Falling in Love

It's no lie that I love me some Motown Soul. It's in my genes. And my dad? The biggest Motown fan around. Seriously Papa's got some rhythm and although he is way to proud to show it on most days, he's one cool dude. Growing up in North Minneapolis during the 50's and 60's will do that to a person, ya know. I have always secretly loved hearing stories of what a badass he was. Drafted by the NHL but never played because he broke both legs during a varsity playoff game. One of the youngest drill sergeants to ever train troops for Vietnam. Harley riding, trade school teaching, Nuclear (not Nucleeeahhr) Power Plant building, badass. Seriously Papa is also the most honorable, stoic, responsible, intelligent, classy, respectable, humble persons I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. If my son turns out to be half the man that my dad is, he'll do amazing things for this world.

I can remember riding in the jumpseat of my dad's 1978 green ford pickup truck, singing to the Spinners until my sister and I could barely speak. Stopping for White Castle Sliders, heading to the airport and watching the planes fly over us. Those little moments in time spent with my dad are permanently etched into my soul. Those memories have made me who I am.
The coolest chick rockin' the Spinners this morning.
Or something like that.

So, enjoy a little Spinners tune courtesy of You Tube and my dad.

Happy Friday and dance people, dance!


Joe said...

Well... I was in a great mood a few minutes ago. It's Friday, I'm done working, time to start the weekend, etc etc etc.

Then I came here and read this post... and realized that I'm not really much of a badass. What stories will I have to tell my son when he gets older? I want him to think I'm superman! I got nothing.

Thanks a LOT!!!

Neil said...

For some reason, I associate the Spinners with White Castle too!

jenboglass said...

I've got no rhythm or funk, but me likes to dance to some EWF and The Spinners. I hopped over here from Sleep Deprivation Ninja because I wanted to know how seriously to take a serious Mama. I'm glad I did. It's all kinds of awesome over here. Thanks for getting that groovy song in my head. My family, on the other hand, must now watch me dance and they are not amused.

Seriously Mama said...

Joe- Not to worry. I adore my dad, as every daughter should but rest assured I married a guy nothing like him. I needed one of those "nice guys." Your son will have plenty of funny stories to re-tell! Thanks for stopping by!

Neil - It's a classic pairing. Dom and caviar, beer and wings, Sonny and Cher, White Castle and the Spinners. Classic-ness at it's best. Thanks for the visit!

Jenboglass- We have totally earned the right to dance to a funky song, rhythm or not. Dance, girl, dance! I'll be by your blog this afternoon for a visit. Thanks so much for the compliment and the visit. I am still pretty new at this and trying to find my way.

jenboglass said...

I'm totally busted for lurking here again. Also? I like your glasses. I think I forgot to tell you that when I commented before. :)

Wendy said...

You know how when you're busy you don't always read *every* word? Sometimes I even skip whole sentances. Like the one that said, "My dad." I kept thinking to myself, wow, she really married up on the age scale. So sorry I had thoughts like that about you and your dad. lol