Sunday, October 12, 2008

They're heeeerrrrreeee...

You know the ones.

The Professors of Poltergeist-ish activity.

The Sultans of Mass Destruction.

The Captains of Chaos.

The Majors of Messes.

The Imperial Emperors of Impending Implosional Indignation.

The ones who can turn your green eyes fire red in a matter of milliseconds.

Yes! Those are the ones and now they are home again. Home from the complete attention on Grandma. Home from the freedom they taste when mom and dad are 600 miles away and if they want a cupcake for breakfast, they get a cupcake for breakfast. Home from complete adoration, you know cuz Mama don't play dat, here. Not most days at least.

I half expected them to barge in the door in their famous bald headed, sweaty, bug eyed "here's Johnny" style. Instead they tore off their clothes, ran up to their playroom and did what they do best. Absolute destruction. And now all is now right with my world.

This is the first conversation that we had upon our reunion...

Bigger of the Little L's - "Mama, L schrooled on me."

Me- "She did what to you, baby?"

Bigger of the Little L's - "Mom, she schrooled on me."

Me - "Dude, she did what?"

Bigger of the Little L's - "MAAAHHHMMMM, you know P H K"
Because I was evidently totally oblivious to the fact that P H K was the three year old spelling for DROOL. Duh.

Kids, our lesson for the day...

I guess sometimes your the drool and sometimes your the P H K.


steenky bee said...


I feel for you, woman. My oldest was gone three days this week with two of the grandmas. When he got back with us, it was hard for him. My husband likened it to the economic crisis in this country right now. He said that Henry (our son) had all this free reign with no restrictions. Now that he's home with us, we've put sanctions on what he can and can't do and he's going to crash hard.

Anonymous said...

You're gonna be in trouble tomorrow morning, when they wake up and want cupcakes for breakfast.

Joe said...

^^^ That comment was from me. I was logged in with the wrong account... whoops.

Rock and Roll Mama said...

Soooo...did you bake cupcakes??? I love when I have a break from my kids, and I love when they come home. I don't love when they go to bed and I see the big old mess they made when they got home...but that's pretty much just what they do, anyway. Have fun tomorrow!

Kmommy said...

LOL! Love the drool! And boy would I love to have a grandma close enough to send the kids to for a day or so! :)

steenky bee said...

Aaaaand SIXTH! Do you really like the Goonies? It was on last weekend. (I saw that you liked in on your profile) Also? I was recently in Astoria, Oregon this summer, the very home of Goonies. I sort of geeked out. I wanted to steal a bike from a middle schooler and go riding down all those hills. I was in Goonie heaven.

Seriously Mama said...

So it's been what, like 3.75 days since they came home? I am totally ready to send them back to Grandma's...

Seriously Mama said...

And yes Jen. I LOVE the Goonies. Love. Love. Love. :-)

I'm a Goonie for life.