Tuesday, July 8, 2008

In one door and out the other!

Home from one vacation just in time to do some laundry, repack and head out for our annual summer camping trip!

We took the monkeys to a little waterpark for the fourth of July holiday, promising the little bigger L that we would "do the fire booms" on our camping trip so he was more than happy to miss the holiday festivities and head out to the waterpark. The little-er L is still too young to really appreciate the 4th and besides, it's a helluva lot easier for me not to have to deal with a screaming baby and two wimpy dogs when the fireworks start. We had a 2 hour drive and for about 118 of the 120 minutes we were in the car, I heard "Are we there yet" "Is this the waterpark?" "Man, this is for sure far far away." "Mommy, tell dad to drive faster." "Is THIS the waterpark yet?" Thankfully, there was vodka on the other end. So after unloading the goods, we checked into our room. Not 15 seconds later, The little bigger L was in his suit and wondering just what was taking us so long to get ready. Little-er L was tired and was in a mood so she and I mostly just watched Seriously Daddy trying not to let little bigger L drown! It has been officially decided (or as official as I get) that little bigger L has to get into some sort of organized swimming lessons. That kid o' mine has no regard for the fact that he doesn't really know how to swim and that he could DIE if he doesn't concentrate on what he is doing. That kid needs some real skills. Watching him at the waterpark should be pure joy but I was constantly telling Seriously Daddy to "go get him" and gasping in terror as I pictured him drowning. Now, let me just say that both Seriously Daddy and I were certified Red Cross lifeguards in our previous life and are extremely comfortable in and around water but our first born is sure that he knows more than us. I am hoping that "a teacher" will set him straight. Anyway, it was a fun time even if Little-er L was up at 5:30am prying my eyes open while simultaneously saying "ni night mama." Not cute. Not cute at all.

We are heading up north to the cabin for a long weekend camping trip with friends. Fishing, rafting, hiking, grilling some vittles, campfires and all around great times ahead!

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