Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Oh no he dinit...

Ummm, oh yes he did.

{I knew there was a reason I started this blog. The internet is a way better place to document this act rather that a sweet little baby book.}

The little bigger L came into the kitchen with out any pants on this afternoon and after a few seconds of contemplation on my part, I realized what he did. He pooped, duked it out, floated a boat, layed a turdle in the pond, however you want to describe it, he crapped in the backyard! I quickly tried to clean him up and raced out to the backyard to clean up the deposit only to find that Ernie had already cleaned it up if you know what I mean. Fun times.

Can someone tell me how to explain to a three year old little boy that only Frankie and Ernie are allowed to poop in the backyard? Telling him that animals go outside but people go on a potty isn't jiving with Captain Chaos.

My little man also decided that he didn't want my input at bedtime. He fell dead asleep (nekkid as a jay bird) on the playroom floor at 7:00pm tonight!

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Mr. Flynn said...

funny stuff. I just was Googling "oh no he dinit" on google to check for the proper slang spelling and your blog was near the top of the list. I click on the link and here I am. Funny stuff. I have two boys with a third on the way. I can relate.