Monday, July 28, 2008

Woo hoo they are sleeping, party of... three?

Seriously Daddy and I have this little guilty pleasure in which we describe that time of the night when we know that L&L are fast asleep and we have at least 3 hours of un-interrupted-ness ahead of us. We can only usually guarantee 3 hours because neither the little bigger L or the little-er L continually sleep through the night even though they are both fully capable of the task but that a whole 'nother post.

So getting back to our guilty pleasure....

The Woo Hoo they are sleeping party! The Woo Hoo they are sleeping party usually starts with Seriously Daddy making a trip across the street to the little corner establishment for some really bad for us food and adult beverages. We sit in the dark kitchen, eat, drink and usually watch a corny movie. This little party of ours has gone on a few times a month since the little L joined our family. It has been ours and only ours. Until now.

The bigger of the little L's is on to us. He knows our secret and he won't let us forget it. Seriously, just so you are aware, this means we cannot even outsmart a THREE YEAR OLD! Yeah, we are total losers. I am pretty sure the bigger of the L's can now judge by our moods when we are planning a "WHTAS party" and how he plans to crash it.

Last night was one such event. Dinner, play time outside, bedtime snack, baths, pj's, book and bedtime and high fives for the "WHTAS'ing party." Seriously Daddy sneaks out the backdoor for the goods, I tip toe down the stairs being ever so careful to avoid the creaky spots in the dark and not even a minute later I hear "Seriously Mom, did you think I wasn't coming?" "What did Dad order for us?" This is when my head hit the counter in a big ::THUD::

We three ate, drank and watched Max and Ruby like rock stars.

Our "Woo Hoo they are sleeping party" has now become "Pity Party, party of two and Woo hoo I am not sleeping you suckers, party for one."


Nap Warden said...

Hi, I sent you an email regarding your design questions...Did you get it?

I totally can come up with something great for you:)

Always Home and Uncool said...

I miss my kids being that little. Except at potty time. That is a phase I'm glad is over.

Audrey said...

Yours sleep for three hours in a row? At the same time? Lucky, lucky girl.