Thursday, November 13, 2008

Answer me this...

NaBloPoMo is killing me. I have no less than 5 posts half done and trying to type with this damn splint on my wrist is nearly impossible.

I do have a few questions that need some answers though.

1- Why do car dealerships treat everyone like they are idiots? So they really think I am not going to notice when they try and push a $55,000.00 Suburban on me and tell me the payments will be "around" $400.00 per month. Dude, this is just basic math. Spew your crap at someone else. I am not an idiot. Yes, I want the new Suburban but I also want a new house. Sorry, you lose and the guy who's willing to sell me a 2008 with 11,000 miles on it for A LOT less wins.

2- Who give a flying %$#& that the pregnant man is pregnant again? He is a she and she's can get knocked up. It's all in the uterus baybee. And he/she's got one.

3- Vanilla Ice is back with a new album. An album of hip hop and rap classics. What do you think. Had been a hasbeen or still a hasbeen? It's no secret I love "Ice Ice Baby" but is it really necessary to try again?

4- Fancy private sports club membership that includes kiddy care or home equipment?

5- Beer, liquor or wine?

6- Creamy peanut butter or chunky? This is an argument we have daily in the Seriously House.

7- Warrant's Cherry Pie or Poison's Talk Dirty To Me?

8- Open presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Morning?

9- If it's broken. Fix or buy new?

10- Kimmel, Leno or Letterman?


Casey said...

I don't care about the pregnant dude. If he's got chick parts down there then it's not the huge medical mystery everyone made it out to be. Woo hoo, go him.

Vanilla ice is alive? I thought that dude melted awhile back.


Creamy PB, there's no competition there.

Cherry Pie.

Open one present on Xmas Eve and the rest on Xmas morning.

Usually buy new unless it's something huge like a car or a house.

You have time for late night? I haven't watched any in years.

for a different kind of girl said...

Eh, who cares if the pregnant man is pregnant again. He's got the space for it, and, technically, "sees" himself as a female - which really doesn't have anything to do with the fact he's pregnant again, but whatever. It would be nice if the world let them be. (but seriously, didn't they just have that last baby not that long ago!?)

Chunky. Always and forever.

I've loved Kimmel since The Man Show. I can't stand Leno. I find Letterman intelligent and funny. Eh, just toss Leno out of the equation and give me the other two.

Talk Dirty To Me.

Unless you're Vanilla Ice, and then, really? Who cares anymore?

for a different kind of girl said...

Eh, I forgot I'd watched the Pregnant Again Man on Oprah before and that he'd been a, duh me. He sees himself as a man, not as a woman, like I mistakenly said before. Either way, still am not impacted by his choice to have another child...

DeeMarie said...

1- Definitely go with the bared used one!! Rock on for that deal, sister!
2. Not me!! I didn't care the first time either.
3. This is just 300 kinds of sad.
4. Home equipment. No one needs to see my hyperventilating.
5. Depends on where I am and who I'm with, cause I'm a fan of all 3!!
6. CHUNKY, baby!!
7. POISON!! The end.
8. 1 present on Christmas Eve, the rest Christmas morning (and no presents should be under the tree till Christmas morning either).
9. How broke is it?
10. Letterman is a classic, but I love Jimmy!

Heather said...

I agree car dealerships suck!

And is this what our news has come to since the election is over...pregnant dude? UGH

I agree with Casey...thought Vanilla Ice was dead.

All three of course(but, it must be dark beer)!

Creamy Peanut Butter all the way!

Cherry Pie!

Open Presents Christmas Eve with your hubby...and Morning with the kids.

Buy new

And I don't watch late night t.v. I'm a snoozing before it even starts.

Maggie, Dammit said...

Ugh, I hated NaBloPoMo when I did it last year. HATED it.

I'll help you out though. The answer to #5 is: Yes.

Heinous said...

Vanilla Ice? Seriously? Wow, that should sell like hotcakes.


Cherry Pie


Daddy Joe said...

Bummer, Maggie, Dammit beat me to the answer (okay, I am a few days late).

1. They are all money whores.
2. Amen
3. Not at all
4. Not surprising.
5. Yes, yes and yes, please (thanks for pre-stealing my thunder MD). ;)
6. Creamy
7. I have Warrant on my running list, but gotta say TDTM should probably be there too.
8. X-mas morning
9. Depends on what it is and how much it costs to fix vs. get new.
10. Not a big late night kinda guy, but I love Kimmel's humor. (I am hoping that by saying that, he will read this and hook me up with his ex). :)