Monday, November 3, 2008

Our exercise in futility...

It's November 3rd. Day three of NaBloPoMo!!! Today's high temperature in the Town That Time Forgot was 68 degrees! 68 degrees? In November? In Wisconsin?

Unreal. Awesome and unreal.

We decided that since it was such an amazing day that we'd try and get some family pictures at the local nature center. Two of us thought that would be a great idea and two of us? Not so much.

We fought tooth and nail just to get a shot or two. I am still too wiped to even begin to look at our final results. But this is the lowdown...

Get dressed in picture outfits.
Eat M&M cookies and smear the aftermath all over said outfits.
Take the playdough that they were playing with this morning and smash it in each other's hair.
Time to get in the car.
Fight, fight, fight your way out of the car seat until your life is threatened and all thoughts of ever eating ice cream again slowly fade to black.
Agree to get buckled in because we have to drive by the ice cream shop on the way home.
Get to nature center.
Run as fast as you can away from the parental units.
Parental Units dish out the ice cream threat again.
Retreat back to said Units.
Attempt to cooperate just until the picture is about to be snapped, then pick your nose.
Try picture again. Except this time punch your sibling because they are touching you.

Is it really necessary to continue?

I am exhausted and waving the white flag. I'll post some of our results on day four.

Please vote tomorrow! We can't have change in this country if we are not willing to put in a little effort to get our opinions heard.

I'm sure I'll have another good Octogenarian Polling Center Nazi story for you tomorrow.


Daddy Joe said...

You have to love trying to snap photos of little ones. Sometimes the candid ones are the best. :)

Don't be afraid of the be-yotch at the polling place. If she talks trash just punch her dentures down her throat. That will show her. :O

Corina Down to Earth Mama said...

I tried to do that, on both Saturday AND Sunday. Yeah, the best photos from family photo day.... don't have family. I do love candid shots though, but candid shots of the Wise Guy are all blurry. He moves too fast.....

for a different kind of girl said...

This is the kind of chain of events that explains why we have no family photos over the last four years. In fact, the last time we tried, an hour before we were to leave for the appointment, my oldest son took a flying fall down the living room stairs and his face made super friends with the wall. We were in the ER, getting stitches, when we should have been in the photo studio.

Wendy said...

But wasn't it FUN?! (typed a little manically, okay?)

We don't have a single picture of all of us together. The last time I did professional photos was when Noah turned 1. So that's 5 1/2 years ago. We always say we're going to do it, but never get around to it!

DeeMarie said...

I'll be in your picture for ice cream. I'll smile and won't hit or anything. Please?!!??! :)

Casey said...

Look at DeeMarie trying to cheat on HASAY in your comments. Shame on her! I'm not looking forward to the days of sibling rivalry. At 22 months and 6 months, we're already starting, my son hits and pushes my poor daughter anytime she even looks at him. I hope some of your pictures turned out.....

steenky bee said...

Yeah, the Dancing Cookie needs to watch herself. Sadly, your experience is much like mine and why many of my photos have tear stains.