Thursday, November 20, 2008

Finally a Club HASAY update!

Hey HASAY remember me?

I've been here, sticking to the program and trying to keep on keeping on. What I haven't been doing is checking up on you all and for that I am sorry. My goal is to get to all of your blogs this weekend.

I weighed in at Weight Watchers tonight and I ended up with a .2 (two tenths of a pound) gain. I am not worried because I was totally on plan, workouts were awesome and I started to do some weight training. Even with a broken wrist. Hows that for dedication?

At tonight's meeting we discussed Thanksgiving survival tips and our leader gave us a recipe. It's here for the taking...

Help to get not fatter on Thanksgiving...

1- Eat a healthy breakfast. No carmel pecan sticky buns that are a family tradition for me. This year we are doing a cranberry scones recipe with a fruit salad.

2- Limit alcohol. Hard to do when I am going to mom and pop's house. I have no doubt that Russ and I will be doing shots right out of the bottle in the basement bar of my parents abode for therapy. But it's therapy and if you experienced a holiday at my parents house in western Iowa you would understand. There will be 16 people at mom and dad's. 6 of those will be under the age of 8. Thankfully they have a house big enough to hold us all and a bar big enough to hold all the therapy.

3- Drink your water. ALL DAY LONG. Keeping fully hydrated is essential for healthy weight loss. I drink at least 8 - 16.9 oz bottles per day. I know I need to be greener and get rid of the plastic bottles. Baby steps people, baby steps.

4- Portion control. 'Nuff said.

5- Try eating with nothing on your plate touching. Leaving room between foods!

Here's the Pumpkin Turtle Pie recipe they gave out in class tonight. I'm usually more of a whole, natural foods kinda girl. Not a big fan of fat free stuff but I may try it just to see what it's like.

3T Fat Free Carmel Topping
1 Reduced Fat Graham Cracker Crust
4T chopped pecans - toasted
1C fat free milk
1 3.5 oz instant vanilla pudding
1 C canned pumpkin
1 tsp pumpkin pie spice
1.5 C fat free cool whip

Drizzle 2T carmel topping on bottom of pie crust. Sprinkle 3T pecans on top of carmel. Set aside

Whisk milk and pudding until blended. Add pumpkin and spice, beat until blended.

Fold cool whip in to pumpkin mixture. Spread into crust.

Chill until set. Top with remaining pecans and carmel topping.

I do have a pumpkin, cream cheese and kiwi pie recipe that is to die for and totally diet friendly. I'll post it this weekend...


for a different kind of girl said...

Yeah for your dedication!

Reading about your Thanksgiving made me shiver a bit, thinking about being trapped in my inlaw's tiny house with all these loud, loud, loud people around me. Sigh...

I just may have to contribute that pie to the holiday dinner, at least for my saving grace. It sounds pretty damn tasty!

Laufa said...

Not much witty coming from my corner of the world, but happy to hear you have kept on going on.

DeeMarie said...

GREAT TIPS!!! I do the water thing, and since we use our church hall, the alcohol part is taken care of too. I'm well on my way!!!

Jonny's Mommy said...

These are great ideas.

I want to use the water idea, but always forget to drink like I should.

the other worries. no one in my family drinks at all.

Having a mom who had a couple violent alcoholics in her family will cure that pretty darn fast.

Well, my brother and sis-in-law do drink, but they don't at mom and dad's....just ain't gonna happen :-)

Anyhow, hang in there and keep up the good work!

Corina said...

Great tips.

A typical Thanksgiving at my parents.....

35 people. Loud. Argue about politics and religion even if they all agree. 1800 sq ft. house.

This year..... just the immediate family.... but that means I have to face someone I am not comfortable with these days.

Where is that drink?

Casey said...

Great work keeping up with the exercise part with your injury. I'd be milking that excuse to lounge on the couch and eat McDonalds. I'm declaring Thanksgiving a diet-free day, I think you should too. One day won't kill your plans, just don't do it too often. Have fun at your parent's house, I hope the family drama is kept to a minimum. I'm sure it won't be at my parent's house...

small town city girl said...

What is club HASAY?

Sammanthia said...

Way to go!!! That's awesome, you should be really proud of yourself.
The holidays suck for dieting, but I don't have the will power to just say no to sticky buns. I'll start after the new year.;)

Seriously Mama said...

FADKOG - My inlaws are insanly loud too. That's why I would rather put up with the 8 hour drive and my bossy mother.

Laufa- Thanks! Somedays are easier than others for sure!

Dee- Good thing you are not in Wisconsin. These people bring their booze right along into church festivites with them. You should see some of the summer church festivals, all about the beer.

Johhny's Mommy - I've found that the weeks that I am short on water, I loos less weight and don't feel as good. It's all about the water!

Corina - I hate that feeling. Knowing you have to interact with someone who makes your skin crawl. Good luck. :-(

Casey - Thankfully I don't havr another weigh in for 2 weeks!!!

STCG- Club Half As Small As You. Check out the link at the top of the post! It's a group that's really good as kicking your rear in gear! Casey is our leader. :-)

Sammanthia - The only willpower I have is because I HATE MY TREADMILL. I would rather not eat than do an hour on the treadmill. ;-)

Shieldmaiden96 said...

Having a plan for a day normally dedicated to overeating is half the battle, in my mind.

One thing I've done for the past few years on Thanksgiving is limit what I eat at dinner to the special yummy things that we don't have all the time. For instance, homemade whipped sweet potatoes with maple glazed pecans? Oh, yeah.
Mashed potatoes? Feh. Not so much. Maybe later when I have leftovers.
Special hot artichoke dip? Oh, yeah. Chips and onion dip? Nah, I could have that any time. Saves a lot of calories, eliminating the ordinary.

jen said...

i'm a wee bit worried about this thursday as well.
maybe i'll just skip food altogther and go for the alcohol.

Scary Mommy said...

I started the no carb, no sugar crap yesterday. No fun, but I'm sick of all my skinny clothes mocking me. Good luck!!

Father Muskrat said...

Limit alcohol? Fuck that.